Full Maintenance/Inspection/Testing Package
  • • Check whether staff have experienced any problems with the system
  • Cameras
  • • Ensure cameras are well connected and are configured for maximum and optical coverage. Angles are appropriate for your site and lens zooming is in accordance with the camera specification
  • • Examine supporting brackets and towers for signs of corrosion and damage
  • • Check physical condition of cameras and housing for signs of deterioration due to rain, dust and dirt
  • • Clean cameras or housing window as necessary
  • • Check that all camera bracket fittings and clamping bolts are tight
  • • Check operation of auto-iris lenses as appropriate
  • • Check condition of pan/tilt unit, where applicable
  • • Check operation of infrared units
  • Monitors
  • • Check physical conditions and cable connections
  • • Check operation of control and adjust for best picture
  • • Mount TV if applicable
  • Controls
  • • Ensure that wiring is well shielded and protected. Visual inspection of all major components (including cabling and connections) for signs of deterioration or damage and rectify as necessary
  • • Check operation of switchers and multiplex controllers including external alarm interfaces when fitted
  • • Check Time and date setting if necessary
  • Check Modulators
  • • Video/ DVR Digital Video Recording Devices
  • • DVR System Monitoring (Checks for system errors, video loss, network connection failure, and other system alerts)
  • • Ensure that DVR is well connected and configured for optimal recording experience. Configure motion based or continuous recording options. Data is recorded and stacked so that new data is never overwritten
  • • Check hours run indicator and recommend for removal for service as appropriate
  • • Check condition and operation controls as necessary
  • • Check time/date setting and adjust accordingly

*$100-$400 per month/ per visit depending on location and size of building/residence (sq. ft)
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