Protect what matters most to you" !

Analog Package

- 4 High Resolution indoor/outdoor cameras
- 700TVL
- 30ft night vision
- 40+ IR LED bulbs
- Analog Digital Video Recorder
- Remote PTZ control Supported
- Motion Detection Recording
- Power Supply
- Storage: up to 1TB
- Remote viewing via offsite location with internet access & smartphones
- Ideal for small retail, restaurants, offices and residential surveillance
- 2 Year warranty
HD Package
- 4 HD indoor/outdoor cameras
- 1000+ TVL cameras
- High Resolution Zoom(x112)
- Up to 65 Ft Infrared capability
- Hybrid/HD DVR
- Storage up to 1TB
- Motion Detection Recording
- Power supply
- Remote viewing via offsite location with internet access and via smartphones
- Ideal for places that need precise monitoring such as banks or casinos
- 2 year warranty
Professional NVR
- 4-32 Channel Network Video recorder; Captures Video in real-time HD resolution
- 4 Indoor/outdoor cameras
- Up to 1TB HDD
- Remote Monitoring; view via smart phones and computers
- Power over Ethernet (POE) port; eliminated the need to run a separate power cable
- 2 year warranty
How do I choose a Security Camera System?
Security cameras are about insurance and prevention. Security cameras are an amazing deterrent tool to stop those with “bad intentions”. With the advancement in technology and change in lifestyles, security cameras have become a necessity and part of our daily life. A few years ago security systems were considered a luxury and mainly used by large corporations. However, with the advancement in technology the prices have dropped dramatically and have become an item of commodity.
Today, all sectors of the community can enjoy the benefits of a security camera system. You spend thousands on car insurance. Why not pay a portion of that amount for a peace of mind and protect what matters most to you, your business and your family.

You can install a security camera system in your place of business to prevent theft, vandalism, burglaries, shop lifting, false claims, lawsuits, sexual harassment and unnecessary workers compensation claims. You can install a security camera system in your home to deter vandals, thieves and have protection from false claims and lawsuits.

Whatever your reasons might be, C&N Connection is here to help you with your surveillance camera and security needs.

Should I Buy a Wired Camera or a Wireless Security Camera?

The advantages of a wireless camera are centered on mobility. It can conveniently be installed in those locations where wiring is difficult, it can easily be moved as often as you desire. It does however come with its disadvantages. The video stream may be disturbed or influenced by other objects or other strong radio frequencies. A wired camera is more stable and reliable in this respect. The video/audio transmission is limited within the prescribed transmission range. These disadvantages will not occur to a wired camera system.

What Cameras Should I Use For Night and Low Light Areas?

There are traditionally speaking 3 main ways to address the above question.

1. Day and Night Function: These cameras record in full colour during the day and automatically switch to black and white, delivering better clarity in light conditions.

2. Infrared (IR) – these cameras have a number of IR LEDs that capture the frequency of the light in a way that the human eye cannot. The number of IR LEDs and the power of each LED will determine the distance/clarity of the captured image at night.

3. Wide dynamic range (WDR): These cameras record greater scene detail, from shadows to highlights than normal. In simplicity these cameras automatically balance the contrasting different areas of the picture, the same way you would change the contrast setting on your TV to achieve better clarity.

Preview Home Security Setups
TV/Home Theatre Installation
For smaller dwellings, mounting your TV frees up space for both; living &furniture placement, all while making the room more functional & stylish. These brackets come in all shapes and sizes to fit different segments, placements and weight requirements. Why stop there? Have your home theatre system professional install to accompany your mounted TV. Why go half way? Let us enhance your sight and sound.
Preview Small Business Setups

Security Cameras
A security camera system is imperative for all businesseses or homes, whether you live in a gated community, operate an office of 1 or own a local restaurant. This is the best way to proactively protect what matters most to you – your family and your business. Our professionally installed security camera system is done to address all needs of businesses, homes and budgets.
Preview Commercial Setups

If you are thinking about building a house, it’s in your best interest to plan your current and future security and communication needs from the initial stages. It is more cost efficient to complete the installation from the onset, giving consideration to the benefits of cutting edge technology and the instant value it will add to your home. That’s why we offer security and communication system pre-wiring for residential builders and custom built homes.